A multivalent, easy-to-use product to mitigate and treat radiation exposure.

Industry: BioHealth

Country: USA


The threat of radiological and nuclear accidents or attacks demands effective radiation medical countermeasures (MCM) able to mitigate and treat the effects of exposure to ionizing radiation. Hematopoietic acute radiation syndrome (HRAS) and cutaneous radiation syndrome (CRS) pose severe, life-threatening risks to exposed individuals. Currently, no effective radio-mitigator (to be administered after radiation exposure but prior to tissue toxicity manifestation) or radio-therapeutic (to be administered after tissue toxicity manifestation) has yet received FDA approval.

Intravenous injectable Fibrinogen-coated Albumin nano-Spheres (FAS) are nanometer-sized spheres, originally developed by Fibroplate to augment hemostatic functions in multiple clinical settings. Preliminary pre-clinical studies conducted on rodents after ionizing radiation exposure showed a unique multi-valent radiation MCM potential of FAS to:

accelerate healing of ulcerated, necrotic tissues arising from CRS (chronic wounds)
increase white blood cells count to counter neutropenia induced by HRAS

Fibroplate proposes to further investigate the efficacy of FAS as radio-therapeutic for radiation skin ulcer (RSU) arising from CRS in rats; if successful, FAS could be administered as a treatment only to the individuals which actually develop ulcers after exposure to high radiation doses. In case of a nuclear emergency, having a single MCM that is easy to store, transport, administer and effective both before and after the manifestation of toxicity effects, would represent a radiation MCM of tremendous efficacy.