Edge multi sensing for medical and pharma applications


Industry: Health

Country: Israel

Website: https://www.ezmems.com/

Today’s demanding medical treatment, pharmaceutical production and distribution operations require careful control of patients and process conditions. This includes tasks like accurate feedback of the respiratory status of the patient, detecting occlusion during infusions, process monitoring during cell culture, purification, or drug product formulation etc. The key enabling technology to digitize such tasks is to have cost efficient multi-sensing capabilities at the most critical edge point of the process.


The currently used medical/pharma systems lack sensing capabilities as sensors are expensive to integrate, generally sense only one physical parameter, are bulky, needing electrical power source, and cannot provide wireless power transmission and multisensing at the edge.


Multi-sensing at the edge offers new opportunities to develop intelligent monitoring network in hospitals and pharma manufacturing to provide fast and accurate responses saving costs also lowering the environmental footprint at the time of sensors manufacturing.