First effective pharmacotherapy for ARDS to lower mortality and improve quality of life of patients.

Industry: Health

Country: United Kingdom

Website: https://exvastat.com/

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) is a life-threatening condition that affects 3 million people worldwide. With regards to the current coronavirus pandemic, ARDS is the immediate cause of death for patients suffering from this infection. 40% of the patients that suffer from the condition succumb to it and among the ones that survive, most of them face longterm physical and mental illness. The unreliable, costly, prolonged treatment options currently available are responsible for the high mortality observed in the condition. The treatments offer only relief from symptoms and manage the condition but are not curative.


Exvastat is developing Impentri as a reliable and effective pharmacotherapy for ARDS as it targets the cause and trigger of the mortality associated with the condition. It is an intravenous formulation of widely-used chemotherapeutic drug, Imatinib which has shown promising results in-vitro and clinical reports in ARDS like conditions. Being a repurposed drug, Impentri has the advantage of reaching human trials earlier than other drugs. This would provide an opening for the drug to successfully finish further trials and its orphan drug status would guarantee early market entry. With Impentri, Exvastat wants to lower mortality and provide better quality of life to patients suffering from ARDS.