Anti-L1CAM antibody: A novel efficacious immunotherapy for pancreatic and ovarian cancer patients

Industry: BioHealth

Country: Switzerland

Website: https://www.elthera.com/

Cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) are a class of cell-membrane glycoproteins (proteins with sugar additions) that act like cellular glue. They are involved in functions ranging from maintenance of tissue architecture and cell motility to immunity, as well as signalling.


Sometimes, these roles have detrimental effects. For instance, L1CAM is linked to proliferation and metastases in pancreatic and ovarian human cancers. The EU-funded Anti-L1CAM project plans to bring their antibody against L1CAM to market. It has proved efficacious as an anti-cancer therapy in mouse models.


Now, with EU support, researchers are developing good manufacturing practices (GMP) to support rigorous testing and gain regulatory approval. Success has the potential to change the outcomes for patients with the poorest prognoses.