EEG integrated software-based solution that monitors brain electrophysiological activity for depressed patients treatment

Industry: Health

Country: Israel

Website: https://elminda.com/

Improving the current medical practice for mental health disorders, such as depression, is a major concern. The overall costs such as social and professional disabilities, increasing suicide rates, remain under-researched. In addition, their impacts are under-recognized by key decision-makers. In light of the economic and social burden caused by major depressive disorder (MDD), there is a strong need in the EU to provide citizens with adequate diagnosis and optimized treatment options.


In this framework, PREDICT represents an innovative and disruptive tool. It is an EEG integrated software-based solution for physicians. It monitors brain electrophysiological activity with the scope of supporting and optimizing treatment decisions for depressed patients. PREDICT is intended for use in psychiatric clinics to positively affect patients and clinicians. Moreover, it will potentially reduce costs for health service providers and for the whole society.


Innovative technologies such as non-invasive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) offer a good alternative to the conventional antidepressants drug treatment. However, there is clear shortage in clinical prediction tools which support better informed decisions and tackle the need to personalize the patient treatment. PREDICT will provide a real-time, cost-effective method to assess TMS treatment efficacy and allow higher rates of treatment response.