Dimpora has invented a novel non-toxic, mineral based, water-proof, fluorine free, biodegradable membrane.

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: Switzerland

Website: https://dimpora.com/

Dimpora has developed a continuous manufacturing process enabling production of optimized functional membranes in a sustainable, and cost-effective way. SaneMembrane is the first non-toxic, waterproof, breathable, fluorine-free, mineral-based, fully porous, biodegradable membrane.


The versatility of the continuous manufacturing process allows use of a wide range of biodegradable or bio-based starting materials eliminating solvents and toxic chemicals. The application of the membrane via lamination onto a substrate, makes it suitable for a wide-range of membrane applications across diverse industries, such as outdoor garments, shoes and athletics. SaneMembrane delivers exceptional performance across all key clothing parameters including high waterproofing and breathability.