Deep Render

Development, demonstration and validation of AI-based video compression in accordance with the human visual system

Industry: ICT

Country: United Kingdom


Media compression technologies have only incrementally evolved from the 70s and are struggling to make file sizes significantly smaller. Coupling this with exponential growth in data generation, bandwidth demand, and video/image comprising 85% of the internet traffic, media compression technology needs to be reinvented to solve the impending bandwidth bottleneck collapse.

Deep Render’s compression technology has been proven to perform 80% better than current technologies, multiplying global bandwidth supply x5. Such an improvement will provide fast internet access to urban and rural areas, removing the need to build larger infrastructures to keep up with the data demand. Therefore, reducing their economic and environmental impact and solving problems around bandwidth traffic jams (i.e., net neutrality debate).

To commercialise such a disruptive technology, Deep Render now optimising and validating the technology already developed.