Cephasonics Ultrasound Solutions

AI-powered architecture for smarter ultrasound applications in healthcare

Industry: Health

Country: USA

Website: https://www.cephasonics.com/

Ultrasonography is a widely used approach to perform clinical diagnosis and guide therapeutic procedures. However, technological bottlenecks in ultrasound engines currently prevent data‑intensive applications. By bringing the computational power directly within the ultrasound engine, this project will allow 3D functional ultrasound imaging in real-time with the highest quality. The innovation proposed will allow the generation of new ultrasound devices able to visualize body tissues in exceptional details and powered with data-driven computer-aided diagnostic (CAD) applications.


For the first time, ultrasound systems will have enough quality data to enable the use of algorithms of artificial intelligence (AI), which are expected to reduce time and costs associated with ultrasound analysis as well as improve patient outcomes.