Carmel Diagnostics

A ground-breaking medical system selecting the most viable embryo for successful IVF pregnancy

Industry: Health

Country: Israel


Low rates of pregnancy in IVF procedure is due to being unable to identify viable embryos for transfer. As a result, multiple embryo transfer (MET) is practiced to increase the chances of pregnancy. This is a costly procedure with riskier outcomes, which on average only equates to a 1 out of 4 rate of pregnancy success. In order to minimise the cost and risk outcomes with MET, increasing trends have been adopted to accommodate single embryo transfer (SET). SET however, requires more efficient embryo selection tools than current legacy morphology methods.


With Fertissimo, Carmel Diagnostics utilises a novel biomarker of oxidative stress (OS) qualities that will enable the physician’s selection of viable embryos in a rapid, non-invasive, and accurate manner. Carmel Diagnostics will provide a quantitative assessment of an embryo’s reproductive potential based on the oxidative profile of its incubated culture media.