BrainQ Technologies

An AI based medical device revolutionizing motor recovery following neurological disorders, inspiring hope and helping patients and their families regain their independence

Industry: ICT for Health

Country: Israel


The WHO has identified neurological disorders as a major burden and emerging challenge to global healthcare systems. These range from causes such as stroke and dementia, to injuries and viral infections. The prevalence of strokes and dementia are strongly linked to aging, for example stroke risk more than doubles every decade after 55. Although, mortality attributable to stroke has decreased over time it remains a leading cause of death and disability globally and can cause significant deficits in sensorimotor skills and cognitive abilities.


BrainQ’s BQ system is a revolutionary Brain Computer Interface-based stimulation device used to enhance neuro-recovery. The device uses proprietary, artificial intelligence algorithms to identify anomalous spectral patterns in patient’s brain waves (“EEG”). These patterns are then translated into a tailored frequency dependent electromagnetic treatment targeting specific impaired functional neural network associated with these frequencies and triggers natural rehabilitation thus promoting the neuro recovery process.


The BQ system is designed to enable non-invasive treatment for motor impairments following a variety of neurological disorders. It will help patients get back on their feet and restore their ability to perform activities of daily living. Treatment is tailored to each patient, cloud connected & scalable, with a low running cost. Pre-clinical animal trials and first-in-human clinical trials have demonstrated remarkable efficacy, allowing paralysed patients regain sensor and motor abilities.