AI-enabled Stroke Prediction in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Industry: Health

Country: USA


Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects 14% of the U.S. population, significantly increasing the risk of both ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, with a mortality rate up to three times higher than the general population. Stroke risk prediction in CKD patients is challenging due to undiagnosed comorbidities, inadequate risk stratification that overlooks CKD stages, and the lack of real-time monitoring for patients, especially those on dialysis. This gap highlights the need for personalized treatment strategies to improve care, reduce mortality rates, and cut the high healthcare costs associated with CKD. Biotricity is addressing this issue with Bioflux-AI, a novel solution combining FDA-approved mobile cardiac telemetry and AI to predict stroke risks in real-time for stage 4 and 5 CKD patients.

The system aims to improve detection and management of stroke risk factors, including Atrial Fibrillation, by integrating various health indicators with ECG data. Through this SBIR Phase I project, a convolutional neural network algorithm will be developed, incorporating these risk factors for better stroke prediction, setting the stage for broader application and optimization in future phases.