Solving the problem of low productivity of Microbial Biofactories.

Industry: Biotech

Country: USA


AsimicA is a pioneering company specializing in Microbial Biosynthetic Factory solutions. 

The company’s expertise lies in solving the problem of low productivity in Microbial Biofactories. By introducing Microbial Stem Cells, a groundbreaking concept developed by the company, AsimicA rejuvenates biofactories by repopulating them with young and productive microbes during fermentation batches. This transformative approach can be applied across a wide range of fermentation processes, including pharmaceuticals, biofuels, new materials, and food ingredients.

By redesigning microbial growth dynamics and providing stem-cell-like properties to microbes, AsimicA is revolutionizing the field of microbial biosynthesis. Through its innovative Microbial Stem Cell Technology (MiST), AsimicA is paving the way for enhanced productivity and sustainability in the bio-manufacturing industry.