hyperPV, the first GPU-Powered Physical Verification Framework

Industry: ICT

Country: Romania


Electronic Design Automation industry has been a crucial driving force behind the growth of the Semiconductor industry. Nowadays chips have extremely complex designs. They need to be verified and tested before the manufacturing, to avoid huge re-spin costs and additional expensive engineer hours. For this reason, EDA companies deliver tools assisting semiconductor companies in addressing complex design automation challenges.


Currently, EDA is not able to cope with the ever-evolving semiconductor industry and the need to boost the calculus capacities. In particular, current EDA tools, based on CPU technologies, are energy-inefficient, expensive and take long times for results.


To this extent, AMSIMCEL is developing hyperPV, the first GPU-Powered Physical Verification Framework based on a High Performance Computing Design Rule Checking engine which will disrupt the EDA market by solving current bottlenecks of the design lifecycle. hyperPV can be accessed through a SaaS cloud platform.