A complete kit for industrial scale biomethane production from agricultural by-products to energy. A new sustainable digester concept for the exploitation of agricultural residues

Industry: Energy

Country: Italy


Nowadays, the construction of digesters for biogas plants is made of steel or concrete, which is highly expensive and not eco-friendly. Recent changes in EU directives on lowering incentives for biogas production have excluded sophisticated solutions, promoting the choice of simple, innovative and cost-efficient solutions.


Alvus proposes a new construction philosophy for the digesters based on the eco-friendly solution of mechanically stabilized earth (MSE).


Their solution provides several key advantages: (i) Realization of larger volumes, at a drastically reduced cost (55% CAPEX savings compared to traditional concrete digesters); (ii) Lower CO2 emissions (up to 85%), reduced environmental impact and better incorporation of the plant in the agricultural landscape; and (iii) Easy and quick construction. Alvus will develop, validate and commercialize a disruptive innovation, revolutionizing the entire biomethane market.