AdviNow Medical

Industry: ICT for Health

Country: USA


Care delivery at primary and urgent clinics is critically hindered by doctor shortage, time constraints and the inappropriate use of infrastructures. Rising aging population and unhealthy lifestyle are expected to drive the increase of chronic disease and the national health expenditures associated (20% of the U.S. gross domestic product by 2025). Telemedicine has been proposed as a possible solution to reduce the cost of access to care minimizing the dependence of patients on health professionals. However, current solutions that connect patients with doctors don’t allow accurate diagnosis due to the lack of or inappropriate use of medical devices.

AdviNow proposes to implement computer vision to offer a clinically reliable approach to perform self- evaluation of vital parameters. AdviNow will develop the first Augmented Reality (AR) software that will guide any non-trained people to the correct usage of Class 2 medical devices at the point of need. The new approach will represent the core component of a novel clinical decision support system (CDSS) which will be integrated into telemedicine platforms, kiosks or any medical office to automate medical visits, improving chronic disease management.