3Deus Dynamics

Additive Manufacturing Process to push the limits of 3D printing

Industry: Manufacturing

Country: France

Website: https://3deusdynamics.com/

3D printing technology is marred by various challenges including but not limited to longer production time, limited design flexibility, production wastage and also the lack of materials compatible with 3D printing for specific use cases like the health industry.


3Deus Dynamics has developed Dynamic Molding, an innovative technology disrupting the 3D printing process to push the limits of manufacturing by combining the advantages of injection molding and 3D printing. This technology is a new radical concept of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in which the building environment is composed of a controlled granular phase (powder), behaving like a dynamic molding system in which manufacturing materials (inks) are dispensed.


3Deus Dynamics’ technology has successfully produced silicone solutions for the medical industry and personal medical equipment. The EIC funding will be used to finalize the development for Silicone, extrapolate to other materials and accelerate commercial development.