Wine is one of the EU’s most valuable agricultural products. In 2020, an average of 165M hectolitres of wine was produced. EU accounts for 45% of world wine-growing areas, 65% of production, 60% of global consumption and 70% of exports. But wine producers still face great challenges such as high costs, reduced efficiency of production, risk of quality downgrades and lower revenues, changing regulations and adaptation of vinification to climate change effects on grapevines. During vinification, it is crucial to constantly monitor multiple parameters and adjust them by the addition of oenological products, according to readings and determined nutrient requirements. Currently, monitoring and adjustment of parameters are still done manually, in a labour-intensive, costly process. The data gathered generally can neither be used for real-time corrective actions nor can be integrated with AI tools to predict and provide preventive actions, causing high losses during fermentation.

Winegrid is a novel, cost-effective, scalable, IoT-based, on-site system for remote and real-time multiparameter monitoring and automatic adjustment of vinification process. Winegrid combines proprietary, unique sensors and AI-driven software enabling winemakers to deploy a sensor unit directly in winemaking containers to obtain data of level, temperature, density, colour, turbidity, volume and alcohol content. The data is communicated to cloud-based software via IoT communication network, enabling prediction of vinification conditions through an AI-based smart fermentation predictor. Winegrid automates the addition of oenological products into the fermentation tank and the thermoregulation system, enabling real-time adjustment of the fermentation kinetics and the full automation of the vinification process towards the cellar of the future.

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