Unlock Your DeepTech Venture's Potential with AlienTT's Premier Pitch Competition

Join us at the forefront of innovation with AlienTT’s premier pitch competition.

Showcase your groundbreaking technology to deeptech investors from all over Europe and vie for a chance to win a voucher for Alien’s expert guidance in applying for the EIC Accelerator, at a fraction of our standard success fee. 

The Application Process

Step 1

Sign Up: Kickstart your participation by signing up on this page.

Step 2

Info submission: Promising applications will be asked to fill in a form and submit their pitch deck.

Step 3

Video Interview: After careful selection, the next phase is a video interview with a fundraising expert from AlienTT. Offering a deeper dive into your startup's mission, team, and technological advancements.

Step 4

The Pitch: Here, you'll have the opportunity to present your vision directly to a carefully picked panel and a selection of European Deeptech investors, showcasing your innovation's potential and vying for the chance to secure funding and expert guidance for your startup's growth."

For more infomation on AlienTT’s Pitch Competition email us at info@alientt.com

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