Communication is as important as your product. Our experience in leading to success organisations of any size can confirm how crucial it is. The earliest you start thinking of how your product or service will be perceived by your targets, the more solid your launch will be.


Nothing can represent your brand better than a video. Point proved by the fact that video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021 (source: cisco).


This is because through the video format you can describe not just your product but also the attitude of your brand and its values, you can tell a meaningful story that points out the relevant reasons for your target to choose you and you can create empathy with your audience. And it’s the most powerful format to build awareness about your product in the market. A necessary step, before starting to sell it.


That’s why Alien TT always invites its clients to consider the importance of communication in advance.


To support the preparation of your launch at its best, we decided to include this service in our offer. By gathering together international creative talents from top advertising agencies and production houses, we are proud to offer a creative service that will conceive and shoot your video. This includes the identification of a creative idea that will be translated into a script and a style treatment, the selection of the best director and best production asset to shoot it and post-produce it.


We know how hard it is for start-ups and small companies to access established advertising firms to get a top quality communication service. And we also know that once advertising agencies have defined a creative strategy and a script for you, you’ll need to hire a production house to shoot your video. So you need two companies. We have innovated this model by combining the two services together so you can optimise your budget and get a finished video, ready to be used on your website, on your social networks, for your PR and events. We believe your product deserves a top quality storytelling and the most impressive crafting in order to make its statement in the market. Get in touch to hear more about Alien Stories and have a look at some of the videos created by our talents.

Free Sports for all

McDonald’s / True Good Things


Errante / Ode To Design

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