Our Story

It was 2011, when an engineer and a cognitive scientist that shared the same vision would spend countless hours in a basement drawing out their plans for their innovative idea. Alien’s consulting business took shape and it would be grounded in the startup thinking mindset.

In 2012, Fabio Manzi and Alessandro Rufo would travel for more than a year around the USA visiting MIT, Venture Cafes in Boston, top notch accelerators like Plug’n Play in Silicon Valley. The purpose of their journey was to refine their business model. They wanted to experience it first hand by immersing themselves in that reality to get to know it better, before making it their own.

On the 13th of October 2013, in London, their business vision would turn into Alien Technology Transfer and take off.


Alien was founded




Venture Studio inaugurated

The business would thrive and the Alien group expanded, managing to consolidate its presence across 3 continents with several offices around the globe. Alien’s growth would be about welcoming on board enthusiastic professionals, embracing their cultural differences and multiple talents. Its consolidation would be about diversifying investments and inspiring cross fertilisation of business ideas and technologies.


By 2021, Alien had officially inaugurated its Venture Studio to complement its Innovation Consulting business.

a decade of growth


Alien Technology Transfer creation

13 October 2013: Alien Technology Transfer takes off.


First grant

1st grant raised for a robotic application project


New operative office in Rome


$10M raised

For our clients in EU


New operative office in Las Palmas


Expansion to the SBIR Programme

and 1st funded NSF project


New operative office in Hyderabad (India)


$100M raised

For our clients in EU and USA


$200M raised

for our clients in EU and USA


1st Venture Studio success with Astound Project

an €3.3M ambitious project financed by the EIC Pathfinder


10 startups to be launched