We lead top-class innovators to success

converting visionary ideas into tangible realities

Innovation Consulting

We select impact-driven innovators and provide them with the resources to secure public and private funding, accelerating their business growth and contributing to their long-term sustainability

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Venture Studio

We identify high potential technologies and market needs from afar, generating innovative ventures, and guiding them through their growth process and success

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Client Stories

We are proud to showcase some of the innovators that have turned their vision into reality and have secured their place in the market with our support.

Rise Technology’s Story

iSPLASH – Industrial Selective Plating for Solar Heterojunction

Realheart’s Story

The first Total Artificial Heart (TAH) that truly mimics the human heart and has the potential to revolutionise the market

Circular Materials’s story

Supercritical Treatment of Process Wastewaters from Surface Treatment Industry Metals

Ai-Ris’s Story

Novel machine learning framework for the classification of non-mydriatic retinal images

Meet Our Clients

Product & Services

Alien’s Innovation Consulting

Alien’s Innovation Consulting portfolio of services is uniquely designed to support high-growth companies in securing funding through public programmes and in attracting private investments.

  • Funding opportunity assessment
  • Project strategy development
  • Grant writing and project administrative management
  • Business, financial and commercialisation plan
  • Private investment fundraising support
  • Partnership building
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Alien’s Venture Studio

Alien’s Venture Studio process is designed to walk hand in hand with teams throughout their journey from the product idea generation and startup incorporation to seed and early funding rounds, guiding them in the direction of successful product commercialisation and exit.

In three simple words, we:

  • Build
  • Fund
  • Scale
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Alien’s nature is to never stop at the surface. We focus. We dive. We analyse. Just as there are no limits to innovation, there are no limits to knowledge and curiosity. What differentiates us is our eagerness to expand our boundaries and make it familiar ground.

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To spot the greatest game-changers on the planet and lead them to success, you need to be one of them. That’s why only the brightest talents belong to our team of technology and fundraising experts. With more than 200 international professionals working across three continents, our expertise is cross-disciplinary and ranges across all branches of innovation, including but not limited to engineering, project financing, project management and business model definition and development.